Chartering A Bus For A Family Reunion

Would you like to plan a reunion with your family that includes everyone taking a field trip to a tourist destination? If you are trying to figure out how your plan will work because not everyone has a travel-ready vehicle, there is an alternative to using personal transportation. For instance, you can rent a charter bus that will make it possible for all of your family members to travel in the same vehicle. If your family is too large for one bus, you can rent multiple buses. The buses that are available to use depends on which charter company you go to, but your family will enjoy several benefits.

Is a Chartered Bus Public Transportation? 

A chartered bus is not the same as your family taking public transportation for the field trip. Public transportation is exactly as the name suggests, a bus that is used for transporting anyone in the public. Although the same types of buses that are used for public transportation can be chartered, not everyone can ride the buses. Chartered buses will only contain the person that rented the bus and whomever he or she allows on the bus. Your family will have private use of the chartered bus for the duration of the rental agreement, along with a professional driver.

How Much Luggage Can Everyone Bring? 

There will be a limit regarding the amount of luggage that can be brought on the bus. The limit will depend on the model and size of the bus that is chartered. For example, a small bus might only have enough space for each person to bring a carry-on bag with them. There are also buses that are large enough for everyone to bring a suitcase and carry-on bag. The largest bag can be placed in a compartment on the underside of the outside of the bus for certain models. 

Can Food & Beverages Be Brought on the Bus?

It is up to the charter company regarding whether food and beverages can be brought on the bus. However, bringing food and beverages is usually allowed by most companies. The only thing to keep in mind is that the types of food items and beverages might be restricted. For example, if your family intends to drink alcoholic beverages on the bus, it is wise to ask in advance if it is allowed. Drinking alcohol can also be prohibited due to specific state laws, so you should definitely ask in advance.

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