What You Should Know Before Embarking On DIY Overweight Load Freight Trucking

If you are launching a business that will specialize in the manufacture of products, you will likely require overweight load freight trucking services for your business. In simple terms, this refers to the transportation of loads that have surpassed the weight or size limits that are stipulated for road transportation. Thus, to get these loads from one point to another, you would need to adhere to certain rules and regulations so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

With that in mind, it is usually best to lead oversize load freight trucking to professionals that are well-versed with the permits that need to be acquired and the policies that need to be complied with for legal road travel. If you are not convinced, keep reading for a few things you need to know before embarking on DIY overweight load freight trucking.

The various legal specifications that govern overweight loads on the road

The first thing that you need to know regarding overweight load freight trucking is that the different states in America will have varying legal limits to adhere to regarding both the weight and the size of the load you want to transport. At the outset, they may seem similar, but the reality is that these slight changes from one state to another are the difference between what can be legally transported and what cannot.

A transport company is aware of these subtle yet important differences, so they are best placed to ensure your load is being shipped per the weight, height, width limits, and length specifications. As a bonus, by letting a professional transport company handle this job, you eliminate the threat of paying hefty fines for not following the legal limits of overweight load transportation.

The need for pilot vehicles depending on the load

The second thing that you need to know about oversize load freight trucking is that some types of cargo will require pilot vehicles to accompany them during transportation. Also commonly referred to as escort vehicles, the primary role of these cars is to make the flatbed truck look more conspicuous on the road so that other motorists can easily spot it. Additionally, the presence of pilot vehicles acts as a warning to other motorists that the truck could pose a degree of danger to their vehicles and indicates that they should drive carefully when passing it on the road.

It is best to hire a transport company for this for a couple of reasons. To begin with, the company will know where to source these escort vehicles from so you do not have to burden yourself with this job. Secondly, the transport company will absorb the travel expenses of these pilot cars and this helps with ensuring your transport budget is not inflated.