3 Tips For Choosing And Booking Your Airport Transportation

Transportation can be a big hassle, especially when you're flying into a new city where you don't know people. Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, ensuring that you have trusted transportation at your disposal is key to having a good time where you're going. This article discusses some tips to help you plan for transportation from your destination airport transportation.

1. Research

At any airport, you have many airport shuttle companies; so, how do you decide which one suits you best? First, the ideal shuttle company should have a good reputation — you can confirm this through sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other independent review sites. Confirm that their shuttles are insured and chauffeurs are licensed before settling on any option.

It's also important for you to know something about the city you're visiting. What are the crime rates (is it safe to move around at all hours)? You can use the state department or other official websites to get these details. How far is your destination from the airport once you arrive? You can also post questions on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, or directly into a search engine. Travel blogs specific to that city also provide a wealth of information.

When you have these details, you'll know the best time to schedule your flight, as well as the best airport shuttle to use.

2. Have a plan B

If you're traveling during rush seasons, it's important to note that there are usually more incidents on the way. For instance, a flight delay or weather interruption on one route can throw all other flights back. What's more, shuttles are usually very busy, and if you miss the window, you booked you may need to arrange alternative transport.

Ensure that the shuttle company has a large enough fleet and can handle reasonable delays without costing you money (especially when the delay isn't your fault). Additionally, it helps to carry two or three numbers for other trusted shuttle companies you can turn to if your first choice isn't available for any reason.

However, be sure to communicate with the shuttle company if there are any delays and the effects thereof (if you know for sure) so that they can rearrange their plans. You also shouldn't keep the shuttle waiting for hours without communicating (or else you may pay waiting charges).

3. Choose your size

If you're travelling alone, may be placed in a shuttle with other lone travellers who are headed in the same direction. If you have a large party, however, you can book a shuttle just for yourselves, which means you'll save lots of time (instead of dropping off passengers on the way). If you prefer to be alone, these companies also have taxis suited to lone passengers, but these are usually more expensive. Finally, be sure to let them know if you have a lot of luggage so that you're given a vehicle with enough space for it.