Use a Pick and Pack Service to Keep up with Demand

Your factory may not be large enough to support the number of orders that you have recently received or maybe you are concerned about the holiday rush or the introduction of a new product, which will make things more hectic than normal. If you are currently not hiring in-house employees and need to come up with a way to divert the pressure from within your business setting, logistics services can aid you.

A Service That Is Provided Offsite

If running out of space within your facility has resulted in you postponing the addition of the manufacturing of some new products, imagine having another place to store your merchandise, without needing to construct an alternate business and be burdened with the financial aspect associated with a new construction project.

Logistic services include the packing and shipment of goods and orders will be tracked, ensuring that they arrive at their designated destinations on time. A pick and pack service will allow you to store surplus merchandise inside of a warehouse that is owned by another party. The products that are stored will be used to fulfill regular orders.

With this type of setup, you can decide how much packing and shipping that you would like to perform from your factory and how the remaining goods will be overseen and handled by an alternate team of people. For example, if your shipping employees can keep up with standard orders, but tend to get behind during busy rushes, separate your orders and designate which group of goods will be shipped from another location. 

The Ability to Modify Your Plan

Logistics services will help you remain in good standing with your customers, plus will reduce much of the workload your employees regularly handles. Shipment labels that contain your business name and address will be affixed to all freight that leaves from the other location, which will guarantee that your customers are not aware of the fact that you are using an outside source.

With less pressure on your employees, more time can be dedicated to manufacturing products, testing merchandise, and packaging goods that will be shipped from your primary location. The extra attention to detail may minimize customer returns or complaints and could encourage some of your patrons to rely more heavily upon your business for the merchandise that they need. At any time, you can change the level of service that you receive through an offsite pick and pack provider.