Travel With Physical Challenges: Options To Help You Get Around

Having physical limitations restricts your freedom. Being able to get a ride somewhere helps. There are a number of handicap transport services offered in just about any city you go to, and here are some of the more common services offered. 

Medical Transport Services

These services provide you with transport from your home to any medical or dental appointment you have. They will take you back to your front door when your appointment is over, too. However, they only provide transportation services for those with physical challenges and limitations and only take them to and from doctor's, dentist's, and therapist's appointments. 

City Buses

There is not a city bus around that does not offer passengers in wheelchairs and passengers with walkers, canes, etc., transport. All city buses have fold-out or drop-down platform lifts on the front entrances of the buses so that the only thing any person with physical challenges needs to do is wait for the driver to drop down or fold out the platform and then roll or step onto that platform. The hydraulics system for the lift on each bus then elevates the person in the chair or the person leaning on a support device up to the floor level of the bus. Discounted fares for persons with disabilities are the standard practice for all bus companies. 

Taxis That Offer Disabled Transport

If you would rather not ride the city bus and you are not going to a medical appointment, there are taxi companies that offer transportation for people with disabilities. You will have to call ahead and request the "assistive taxi" service. Either a small passenger van equipped for the transport of one wheelchair or a taxi that has a driver who can help you slide into the front passenger seat and stow your wheelchair in the trunk will arrive to take you anywhere you want to go. 

Modified Vehicles for Rent and Personal Use

Wishing to be of help to customers with physical challenges, some car rental companies have begun carrying vehicles that are modified for use with differently-abled customers in mind. Only a few of these cars are available from different car rental companies, and you do have to call the rental company to speak to a person behind the rental desk to rent one of these vehicles. However, if you have a valid driver's license and a credit card to rent one of these vehicles, then you can drive yourself anywhere you want to go at any time.