Airport Transportation Options

If you have a trip planned in the near future, you are likely trying to figure out how you are going to get to and from the airport. While some people have the luxury of having close friends or family members nearby to give them rides, others do not. Luckily, there are many airport transportation services available, day or night, to get you to wherever you need to be on time.

Airport Shuttles

An airport shuttle is basically a small bus that will pick up people at a specific location and drop them off at the airport. Shuttles are extremely useful due to the fact that they go directly from point A to point B, instead of a normal bus which makes many stops. Shuttles are only available at specific times, which you should arrange before deciding on choosing this transportation method. 

Private Van

A private van is similar to an airport shuttle, though it will not have prescheduled times. If you are going on a trip with a group it is possible to arrange for a private van to come and pick you all up and drop you off directly at the airport. The cost for this service varies based on which company you choose to go with.

Ride Share Vans

Rideshare vans are occasionally a cheaper method of getting to an airport than the previous two methods. A rideshare van is basically one that will pick you up from a certain location and take you to the airport, though it will stop along the way to pick up other people. The more people that ride in the van, the cheaper it will be for everyone. This is both great and a little tedious, since multiple stops are required. 


A taxi or ride app like Lyft or Uber are also options for how to get to the airport. However, a lot depends on how far from the airport you live, since you will be paying for the driver, their gas money, and their effort. If you live a ways from the airport you will likely save money choosing one of the other methods. A taxi or ride app is always a great option for when you are out of options.

In conclusion, there is an airport transportation option for everyone, no matter their budget. Look online or talk to your local airport for services specific to your area. 

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