Limousine Travel: Being Smart

Contacting limousines for special occasions such as proms and weddings might seem like the easiest of the various tasks you've got to handle. However, to avoid misunderstandings and problems, it's best if you're asking these questions whenever you're about to rent limousine transportation.

Which Vehicles Are Ours?

If you've found that transportation company online, it's natural that the pictures of the vehicles had something to do with your decision. You may feel comfortable with the limousines you've already seen. However, ask specifically about the limos that will collect you and family. Can you view the interior before pickup time, for instance?

What Route Will Be Taken?

You're likely to be charged according to either time in the vehicle or miles traversed while you're riding. For that reason, you'll want to know which way the driver is planning to go when mapping out the route from your home to the venue. Not only will this give you an idea of price, but you may be able to offer input into whether a specific route is appropriate. For instance, if you know that a certain road has too much traffic on Saturday mornings and that's when your event is, you'll be able to suggest the driver take another route so you all don't become stuck and late to your destination.

Can We Add People to a Car?

Limo companies may restrict the number of passengers in a specific car for safety or insurance reasons. If you plan to switch out people or add people at different spots along the trip, don't wait until the event date to ask. Ensure that the limo company approves of everyone traveling in the vehicle.

Asking about passengers is especially important if children will be riding in the limo. You may think nothing of letting a little one into the limo with you, but the limo driver and company may still want their rules about extra passengers to be respected even though children are very small.

How are Damages or Injuries Handled?

Operating any vehicle on public roads is risky. There's always a possibility of some injury or damage to both the interior and exterior of the limousine. You or a guest could damage the vehicle by accident. Know the protocol for such occurrences so that you're expecting an add-on cost to your final bill or whether you'll be compensated quickly for injuries.

Limousines provide the kind of elegant transportation that can make a special occasion even more special. Allow these suggestions to make the limo experience enjoyable. Visit a site like for more help.