4 Exciting Things Chartered Helicopters Let You Do

Flying in a helicopter may sound like an extraordinary experience -- and it is. But you'll find the places you can go and the things you can do equally extraordinary. Check out these four exciting examples!

1. Make Spectacular Videos

Do you want to produce a jaw-dropping documentary, independent movie, TV show, or other media extravaganza? You may want to include some spectacular scenery in your production -- and a helicopter charter service can help make it possible.

While some aerial drones can capture high-definition video easily and affordably, a helicopter offers certain advantages if your budget allows for it. For one thing, they can carry reasonably heavy rigs with advanced technologies that let you capture the most exquisite images possible (although you must still obey safe total weight limits). Helicopters can also give you much more shooting time per launch -- on the order of hours as opposed to minutes. If you want to film hundreds of miles of territory, you want to charter a helicopter.

2. Exit Your Wedding in the Ultimate "Just Married" Vehicle

Couples always want to make their wedding an experience like no other -- but how do you break away from the typical routines and traditions that have graced countless weddings over countless years? Your family or spouse-to-be may insist on obeying some of these traditions, from the choice of gown to the reception organization. But sometimes changing one detail in a particularly arresting way can turn "just another wedding" into an occasion your attendees will talk about for years to come. Instead of driving away from the ceremony in a "Just Married" car or limousine, why not fly away in a "Just Married" helicopter?

Of course, you don't have to fly your helicopter directly from the church to your honeymoon destination. If you know you'll need more baggage and other supplies than a standard helicopter could possibly accommodate, simply fly to a waiting hotel or wherever you may have already gathered your essentials. On the other hand, if you've already shipped or forwarded those items to your honeymoon spot, maybe you'd like to take to the air all the way to your new life of wedded bliss.

3. Enjoy an Airport-Free Vacation

The only thing many people dislike about vacations is their usual travel method. Maybe you find driving a tiring, slow slog when you need to go hundreds of miles, but you find commercial air travel equally repulsive because the annoying crowds and endless loading/unloading routines at airports. If you're traveling alone or with one other person, with minimal baggage, why not consider chartering a helicopter to your vacation spot?

Helicopter charter services can take you for a spin around London, New York, or bother urban vacation hot spots, sometimes for less than $200. You'll also find a chartered helicopter extremely useful if you're jumping from one vacation spot to another, as you might do if you're touring the Hawaiian Islands. In popular vacation spots where roads seem can seem scarce, such as the more remote parts of Alaska, a helicopter really might prove the only practical means of transportation. It certainly beats the car or the airport!

4. Discover Scenery You'd Never See Otherwise

Some scenic institutions present so much majesty, from so many different angles, that you might think it impossible to take it all in. Enormous sites such as the Grand Canyon, for example, make up for this by offering different exploration methods, including hiking and biking routes, bus tours, and even donkey rides. While each of these routes can put you in touch with various features of the massive canyon, a helicopter can send you soaring along its length in midair.

Think about the other tremendous sights you could see from the comfort of a chartered helicopter. The Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Pike's Peak -- these and other aerial wonders await your eyes from heights of hundreds or thousands of feet. A skilled helicopter pilot in good weather can get you in close to these treasures, maneuvering at various angles to let you see things you couldn't see from any other perspective.

You can probably think of even more amazing uses for a helicopter -- and if you can't, your local helicopter charter company will have some brilliant suggestions for you. Let your curiosity take wing by learning more about your airborne options! Get in touch with a company such as Helinet for more information.