Long-Distance Medical Transportation: 4 Tips To Ensure You're Booking The Right One

There are many reasons why you may be looking for long-distance medical transportation services. Most often, the reason individuals are looking for these types of services is because they need to travel to a destination, such as a hospital, where they can receive a surgery, and they are unable to drive themselves, or they do not have anyone else that can take them. It is very important that you find the best possible medical transportation service for your individual needs, as this can be a scary event for many people. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are booking the right service:

Tip #1: Choose a Company with the Right Vehicles

Every medical transportation company is going to have a fleet of different vehicles. Since you will be traveling a long distance, it is paramount that you are traveling in a vehicle that offers comfortable seats and adequate legroom. You also want to feel safe in the vehicle, and you should not feel as if the vehicle is going to break down 30 miles down the road.

Therefore, before deciding on a service, you should see the fleet of vehicles that they utilize. If possible, it would be ideal to see the vehicle that you will be transported in. You may even want to request information about the cleaning and servicing frequency of the vehicles.

Tip #2: Make Certain There is Wheelchair and Stretcher Services

In the event that you require additional services, such as wheelchair or stretcher transportation, to and from the vehicle and/or facility, make certain that the company offers these services. In addition, you will want to request information about the staff and their training with these services.

Tip #3: Will Onboard Care Be Available?

Since you are being transported for medical reasons, it makes sense that you would find out if there is any type of onboard care. You should find out if you will be sitting alone or if there will be a staff member in the back with you. Some companies will have someone in the back with you, in the event that you need additional support and/or care, while other companies simply have a driver. If the driver is the only person that will be with you, you will want to find out if he or she is EMT-certified.

Tip #4: Be Aware of All Costs Ahead of Time

As with any service, it is imperative that you find out about any potential additional costs that there may be, so you aren't surprised with anything on your bill, in the end. For example, if the driver had to stop the vehicle, pull over, and assist you because you were having difficulty breathing, would this be an extra charge? If not, what would constitute an extra fee, if anything?