Inquire About A Bachelorette Package At Your Local Winery

Taking a wine tour is an ideal activity to enjoy for your bachelorette party. As a prime example of good, clean fun, your group will get to sample several different types of wines, while also enjoying finger foods. If you're thinking of organizing this type of outing, it can be advantageous to alert the winery to the reason that you and your girlfriends are taking the wine tour. Many wineries have specific bachelorette party packages, which include more than you'd get if you were to book a standard wine tour. Here are some additional things that your bachelorette party package may offer.

Spa Visit

Instead of you having to organize each separate element of the bachelorette party, it can be advantageous to see what elements are included in your local winery's bachelorette package. It's common for such packages to include transportation, which means that you can travel to different spots around the winery that may be of interest. One such example is a local spa, which may have a partnership agreement with the winery to offer specific rates to people who buy a bachelorette package. If the ideas of manicures and pedicures after your wine tasting appeal to you, this element will be of interest.


While wineries commonly have a variety of finger foods and desserts that are offered during wine tours, you won't always have a solution for an actual meal. However, if you book the bachelorette package, you'll often be able to choose from several local participating restaurants that can offer you a glamorous dinner at a fixed rate. Given that the winery will be providing luxury transportation after your wine tasting, this is an element of the day that everyone in your group will love.

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a fun way to wrap up your bachelorette party day, and booking the bachelorette package can be useful in this regard, too. Perhaps the winery has special occasions when there's live entertainment in the evening. After your wine tasting, spa visit, and dinner, you can travel back to the winery to enjoy the music. Otherwise, you might wish to experience live entertainment at a venue in the area—and you'll often find that when you book the bachelorette package, you can get a good deal with participating music venues. It's common for wineries to have other add-ons that you can consider to truly customize your bachelorette party experience.

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