Five Mistakes To Avoid To Ensure Proper Limousine Etiquette

If you have never ridden in a limousine before, you might be a bit uncertain about how it works. Taking a limousine ride is a unique experience that entails some unwritten rules that you might not yet be aware of. 

During your limousine ride, you'll want to avoid the following etiquette mistakes for a pleasant and entertaining experience:

Not giving the guest of honor the best seat

If you're taking a limo ride as part of a birthday or graduation ceremony, it's good to give the guest of honor the best seating choice.

Often, the seat at the back and to the right is referred to as the "power seat" and is the most desirable place to sit in the limo. Consider saving this seat for the guest of honor or at least giving him or her the choice of where to sit. 

Failing to give a tip to the driver

It's always appreciated when passengers or at least the organizer of the limo trip tips the limo driver. Tipping in cash is ideal. Typically, you should expect to tip the driver the same percentage of the bill that you would tip on your check at a restaurant.

Drivers are often a significant part of the experience and can contribute their personality to the festivities by interacting with passengers in some cases. Remember that limo drivers deal with a lot of stress and often work long shifts, so be generous to give thanks for a job well done.  

Giving the limo service inaccurate information about party size

Everyone involved will appreciate it if you make sure that the limo service knows exactly how many people need to be accommodated. Passengers are not going to be happy if they find that there is not enough room for them or that the ride will be cramped and uncomfortable.

Trying to exit the limo before riders who are closer to the door

It's considered customary for riders of a limo to exit first when they are closest to the door. Those at the back of the limo should be exiting last. Don't attempt to rush the process of exiting yourself and get out before those closer to the door, or you may appear impolite.

Getting too carried away with partying during the trip

While limos are usually rented for parties and festive occasions, it's important to avoid getting too carried away. Alcohol may be served during the ride, and there will inevitably be a lot of excitement, but try to stay conscious of your behavior and remain under control to avoid issues. 

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