Parents: Don't Book A Prom Limousine Before Asking These 4 Questions

Riding in style to prom in a limousine is practically a rite of passage for high school teens, but the process of finding the right limousine company to trust with your child and his or her friends can be quite painstaking. Before you sign a contract on any prom limousine rental, there are a few key questions worth asking.

Do You Allow Split Reservations?

To save money, try finding a limo company that offers "split reservations," meaning they won't charge you to sit outside your teen's prom location during the event. With a split reservation, you can book the limo for a set number of hours before and after the event. Not all companies offer this and many will require minimums on the number of hours reserved, but it may be worth shopping around to find a company that offers this in your area.

Can You Split Up Payments?

Unless you plan on footing the bill for your teen's limo transportation, there's a good chance your teen and his or her friends will be pooling money together to cover the costs. If this is the case, ask the limo rental company if they accept split payments. This can save you from the headache of putting the rental on your credit card and waiting to be reimbursed by each party. Instead, the limo driver can split the charge between all passengers, and they can settle up accordingly using cash, credit card, and maybe even check.

How Does Your Pricing Work?

Generally, limo rental companies will either charge by the hour or by the mile. Per-hour pricing is much more common, though depending on whether you live in an urban or rural area, by-the-mile pricing can also be expected. Make sure you understand exactly how pricing will be calculated, as well as any overage charges or additional fees that may be incurred. And don't forget to ask if driver gratuity is factored into your quote. If not, you'll want to tack on another 15-20%.

Will You Conduct Bag Searches?

Alcohol consumption is a common worry among parents preparing their teens for prom. However, limousine companies are often diligent about making sure there is no illegal drinking in their vehicles, especially when you consider the liability involved with underage drinking. For added peace of mind, you might consider finding a limo company that will conduct bag checks for alcohol before teens board. This is becoming increasingly common practice!